Over 8,000 families only from Russia and Ukraine couldn't repatriate to Israel

We help people like them come home.

And you can help.

Too many Jews are denied their right to return to Israel

We help Jews fight for their legal rights to repatriate and return to the Holy Land of Israel

When an American Jew wishes to return home to Israel, a rabbinical letter is enough to get the immigration visa. However, in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), endless lists of documents and paperwork can make repatriation impossible.

Help a Jew – Help the Holy Land is a charitable organization to help those who have been denied their right to return to the Holy Land.

We are organizing Jewry for its coming destiny.
— Theodor Herzl

The time of their homecoming is now, and you can be a part of the ingathering.

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“...I will make them one nation in the land...”

Ezekiel, 37:22