Introducing: Help a Jew - Help the Holy Land

24 March 2017

Welcome to Help a Jew – Help the Holy Land. We’re glad you’re here! Together, we can help Jews stuck in the former Soviet Union to make Israel their home. After all, it’s both their God-given and legal right to do so.

On this website, you will find some insights into why it’s not so simple for many Jews to repatriate to the Promised Land and what we are doing about it.

Help a Jew. Help the Holy Land is the first charity to focus on both the spiritual and legal grounds for Jews everywhere to repatriate to the Holy Land.

By helping disadvantaged individuals, spreading awareness, and challenging the broken elements of the system, we are making sure no Jew is left in the cold.

After all, the ingathering of the exiles is the world’s shared destiny.

Learn more about how YOU can help today!