How We Help


Program #1

Justice Served

Helping individuals and changing the system

Although every Jew has the right to repatriate to the Holy Land, too many are denied their opportunity by Israeli consular officials. The reasons for refusals vary, but the process is opaque and no written explanations are provided.

For those with the legal and God-given right, this program provides grants to sponsor the Israeli Supreme Court appeals, specifically, it is aimed at would-be repatriates who cannot afford the legal fees themselves.

With grants of up to $10,000 per case, Help a Jew – Help the Holy Land fights for every Jew's legal AND God-given right to return home to the holy land.


Program #2

Into the Archives

Making the burden of proof less of a burden

There are Jews who know they could repatriate but never file an application because they’ve been scared off by the exhaustive list of documentation needed. Since the burden of proof is on the applicant, and requirements are rigorous, many people simply give up on returning to the Holy Land before they try.

The archives in the Former Soviet Union contain official records of all of birth and death certificates. This program provides grants for applicants to engage professional archivists, building a searchable database for future repatriates.

From Vladivostok to Minsk, Help a Jew – Help the Holy Land makes the proof less of a burden.


Program #3

A Light in the Darkness

Raising awareness and spreading hope

For too many decades, Soviet Jews hid their identities for fear of persecution. Many of them took measures to erase the words, “Ethnicity: Jew” from their identity documents.

As a result, those Jews and their descendants are not aware that they qualify for Israeli citizenship, nor that they could return to the Holy Land. This program spreads awareness and hope for Jews who never even tried to go through the repatriation process for lack of information.

For those with the legal and God-given right, HELP A JEW promotes repatriation where official channels have ceased to function.